O365 SharePoint Online / 2013 chrome extensions for speedy development

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Chrome SP Editor
Create and update SharePoint Online css/js files, inject files to web and manage web properties from Chrome Developer Tools

A Google Chrome Extension for creating and updating files (js, css), injecting files to sites and modifying web propertybag values (add, edit, remove) in SharePoint Online from Chrome Developer Tools. This tool will help you create amazing SharePoint applications fast from your browser from any computer which runs Chrome!


SharePoint CSR Live Edit
This extension is for SharePoint Developers. It makes process of creating SharePoint Client Side Rendering customizations many times faster. The customizations will be applied as-you-type to the underlying SharePoint page. Cisar provides CSR-tailored intellisense and tight integration with the underlying page.

Cisar supports Office 365 as well as on-premise SharePoint 2013. List forms, list views and list views in Edit mode can be customized. Display templates and search results customizations are not supported yet.


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